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Our trip hits the pause button 13.11.2007
You have to tick the Petra and Dead Sea boxes 05.11.2007
From one bog to another! 05.11.2007
Relaxing on the Nile 04.11.2007
Abu Simbel an 8th Wonder? 26.10.2007
Special price for you my friend 23.10.2007
And the Middle East tour begins 17.10.2007
Hot Hot HOT! 16.10.2007
A grand finish to Contiki Amsterdam style! 10.10.2007
It's Oktoberfest time! 10.10.2007
The Dalmation Coast Line 10.10.2007
Heaven on Earth 25.09.2007
Ciao Bellas 19.09.2007
Drinks, drinks and more drinks!! 12.09.2007
Contiki Begins! 05.09.2007
From baht to english pounds... YUCK 30.08.2007
This is the Life! 26.08.2007
Free cocktails are great! 22.08.2007
The Sex Capital of the World! 19.08.2007
World Vision Visit 18.08.2007
We have arrived! 16.08.2007
Welcome, 14 days to go 01.08.2007