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Thursday 1st November

Xmas next month!

We woke up to watch the sun rise again this morning. We have worked out that for 1/3 of our middle east tour we were up to watch the sunrise, no wonder we get tired at 9pm! Anyway we discovered that our truck was still bogged, but luckily the clutch was working and wasn't entirely burnt out. Our morning pretty much consisted of digging and pushing, as you can see from the action shot of Matt.


We went forwards and backwards. Forwards and back wards. Dig dig dig push push push but had no luck. Luckily there were some hot hair balloons landing a few hundred metres away that we were able to catch the attention of. A few minutes later two 4 wheel drives were over helping us and we were out. If it wasn't for them I'm not sure what we would have done!

After our morning exercise we went on a 4 wheel drive trek of Wardi Rum which is a huge desert in Jordan, sorta like a national park, where Laurence of Arabia used to hang out. We got to see some pretty amazing rock formations and the sand was soooooooo red. The drive went for about 3-4 hours.


After that we jumped back on the truck and made our way to Petra. We arrived there late afternoon and had an overdue shower and some dinner. Ended up having a few drinks (our duty free drinks) and then calling it a night.

Friday 2nd November

Today was purely set aside for us to do Petra. For those of you at home, it's an ancient trade kingdom that linked China and India to the Mediterranean coastal cities and their ports. It was pretty much end of the line for the caravan route. You'd remember it from the 3rd Indiana Jones movie at the very end where Harrison Ford has to choose which cup is the holy grail. Anyway that building is just one tiny winy little part of Petra known as the Treasury. To get to the Treasury we had to walk through about a 2km path that was kind of like a little ally through rock cliffs that rose up 80m either side. It felt like there had been an earthquake and we were walking in these really deep cracks in the earth's surface with these awesome colours coming through the rock walls.


Once you pass the Treasury we headed through the ally way a little further until it opens up to the main township. There were heaps of tombs within the widen rock wall edges that were amazing. As you continue on further there's all little holes in the rock mountains that are meant to be doors and windows to peoples houses. It was like we had just landed on another planet our had just taken a time machine back to the stoneage. Was like nothing we'd seen before. If anyone is thinking of traveling to Egypt, you have to go and do Petra in Jordan as well since it's so close.


After walking through the main township we walked up 800 steps that led to the top of one of the mountains where there was a huge monastery also carved into the face of the rock. From there you could go to a few different look out points and look over the whole of Petra and also see a few other countries aswell.
Petra was amazing, I reckon it is one of the best place I've been to so far. Matt just said he'd put it in his top 3 awell.
The sun was nearly about to set and Petra was about to close for the day so we made it back to our hotel had some dinner and called it a night as we were pretty tired from all of our walking!

Saturday 3rd November

Today we made our way to Amman (capital of Jordan) to finish up our tour. We stopped at a natural spring along the way for a swim. Was kinda like the little ally way we walked through at Petra except it had water running through it. We got off our gear and went for a dip, was kinda like a really long and slow water slide going down the ally!

After that we stopped off at the dead sea for a dip aswell. The water was really thick and soooooooooo salty, think it is about 30% salt? Anyway you really do float, you can't do anything but float, even if you try to go under, it's hard to every stand upright! Was a really really cool experience, I reckon everyone should do it once it their lifetime!
Before we headed back to the truck we jumped in to a swimming pool near by to get the salt off us. We felt soooooo heavy jumping into that after coming straight out after the dead sea. I reckon I know how it feels like when people say they can't swim now, that's how they must feel.


We arrived in Amman early after noon and had a shower and bummed around for a little before heading out for some Chinese for our farewell dinner. Was good to eat some familiar food! Had a few drinks with dinner aswell. Tour over!

Sunday 4th November

We woke up this morning to say farewell to everyone on our tour who was continuing on with the truck. A lesbian couple in their 40ies were also finishing up in Amman so we had some brekkie with them and then headed into town to do some touristy stuff.

We went to Hercules' temple, the old palace and to the museum, was the smallest museum ever which was a good thing! We got to see the dead sea scrolls (you'd be happy mum, was the only reason we went in because of you!). Was a pretty good morning as it didn't take very long and was all in one spot at the told of a hill in the middle of the city, so we had 360 degree views of Amman.

Matt and I ducked off for some lunch by ourselves and then went to hit the internet to get this baby up to date.

Monday 5th November

And we have pretty much been on the net ever since updating this blog!

Matt had his last shisha this afternoon and is about to cry coz there will be no more.

The Kumuka trip has been awesome, we've both had a ball!

Our plane leaves at 3am tonight back to London, we will do our last entry we London to finish this leg of our trip!


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