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Relaxing on the Nile

Aswan, Luxor, Cairo, EGYPT

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Wednesday 24th October

Hi all, its my turn to have a crack at this blog writing as I have been pretty slack with it lately and Krystal has been getting angry with me. Only joking but I think i'm overdue for a go!!!

This morning we were treated to a sleep in which was fantastic considering the previous morning we were up minutes after we went to sleep. Due to the fact that I cannot sleep in these days I was up around 7am and was bored so I went for a little walk downtown in Aswan. After trying to go into a 24 hour internet cafe that was closed I decided to head back and annoy Krystal. To my amazment she was already up and ready to go to breaky! We headed to breaky and then got ourselves ready for a couple of very very relaxing days.

We boarded our Felucca (Similar to a sail boat) around lunchtime and sailed out onto the Nile which was to be our home for the next 48 or so hours. After an hour or so of sailing we docked ashore for some lunch. We didn't expect to much variety for our meals as they had very limited cooking sources but for what they had, they did pretty well.

After lunch we sailed for another 3 or so hours which was very relaxing and we all used our time effectively by drinking ourselves to a pretty drunken stage. The captain brought us to shore around 5:30 (which is pretty much dark) and we had dinner and continued on the drinking for a little while longer. We called it a night at the impressive time of 9:30pm (sounds very early but it feels like midnight) to prepare ourselves for another day of doing nothing.

Thursday the 25th of October

With the thanks for the wonderful call to prey I was awoken around 4:30am which is not uncommon in Egypt considering they sing everyday at this time! The sun surfaced around 5:30 which was as always an awesome sight. The sunrises and sunsets throughout Egypt would have to easily be the best in the workld. Also so clear and the colours and brightness are fantastic!


Once we managed to crawl out of our sleeping bags we rolled onto the 2nd felucca and had some breaky. This consisted of bolied eggs, stale bread and figjam?? A few of the boys thought beer at 7am would also be a good idea but I steered clear of that option and stuck with some tea, fresh from the Nile.

We sailed for a couple of hours before docking on a island that is "Apparently" a good place that is ok to swim in the Nile. For those who are not aware, the Nile is not the cleanest river in the world. There are many many different things that you can catch if you come in direct contact with the water but hey, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow so in I went for a swim! One thing that you can appentely become friends with while swimming in the Nile is Snails! These little buggers get into your skin, or up your holes and then make you extremely sick! They eat off your insides and grow bigger and bigger while you become sicker and sicker? Who knows if I have it or not but at least it will keep my weight down! Its ok though, our Egyptian guides said that they only really habitat in the weeds on the banks of the river and we docked on a sand island.


After a couple of hours of swimming and a few beers we had some lunch and then sailed off for a little while longer before docking for the evening around 4pm. Seems we had some light left in the day we went for a wonder into the town centre of this village we stopped at. Was a pretty interesting walk and we seemed very much the centre of attention due to the fact that this village was very remote and on the banks of the Nile. We headed back and had a few drinks before having some dinner and an early night. It seems to be the tread on the boat as the days are so long and you are up nice and early.

Friday the 26th of October

Same deal as the day before with the wonderful wake up call and the sunrise. The good comes with the bad I guess. We sailed for a little before docking at 7:30 for the final time. Had a quick breakfast and headed off the felucca and wondered to the temple of Kom Ombo. Was a pretty cool temple but after seeing all the temple that we have seen they all begin to look the same. We headed back to Luxor with another quick stop to the temple of Edfu. Same deal pretty cool but same same, but different. We had a 2 hour drive back to Luxor where we had the afternoon and evening to kill before our train to to Cairo. I had a swim at the pool and decided I might as well have a few beers to help me sleep better on the overnight train. We boarded the train around 11pm and drifted off for a much needed rest.

Saturday the 27th of October

We woke up nice and fresh (well as fresh as you could be from the overnight train) in Cairo and left the train station to make our way back to the original hotel where the tour started. Scoffed down some breaky and chucked our bags into our room before hopping on a mini bus to make our way to the Cairo musuem.

This place is an awesome building with so much history and ancient pieces you could spend a month here. Only problem was everyone else wanted to go there also on this day so it was chaos! There are a couple of things I hate while travelling and one of them is crowds! Especially when they are European and rude! Anyway after getting over that whinge we headed through the Old and New Kingdom sections and then into Tutanhkamoun’s claim to fame. This guy would have to be richest Egyptian in history. He had everything you could possibly imagine and they were all made of gold. He even had gold sandels! We saw the golden mask of Tutanhkamoun and also the golden coffins that his body was placed in. After looking at these impressive pieces we wondered out and still couldn't work out where his body was! I think this is all a secret that they like to keep the tourists guessing as we had many random responses from different people over the past couple of weeks. Our tour concluded at the front of the Mummy room where you could go inside (for a price of course) and look at some corpses. Even though expensive this was something that we both wanted to do so we shelled out the pounds and headed inside for a look. Inside there were around 12 different mummies, the most significant being King Ramsi the II. It was quite unbelievable how well preserved the bodies were as you could still make out things like their hair, teeth, lips, and fingernails. Even though impressive, it still had the strange feel about looking at dead bodies. I first for us both I think. Once finished at the museum we headed to a Pirpirues (bad spelling) shop for the usually tour special! Had a look at some art and then caught the minibus back to the hotel for a desperately needed shower. As this was the last night for about 1/2 the tour we all made our way upstairs for drinks and dinner. Had a few beers and some dinner before heading off to bed around 12 ready for our drive to Mt Sinai.

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