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Krystal typing again, Matt the slacker just jumped off the second storey balcony of where we are staying into the pool. One of the tour guides a while back did that and smashed his heals apparently. Going to kill him! Anyway he is on blog duty next entry.

Sunday 14th October

Yuck, early starts again! We were up early to start our Kumuka tour. First thing up we headed out to the pyramids. Today it was really really hazey tho, I think it was too early for the smog to have cleared. We had a local tour guy to give us some general info about the site and show us around. We got about 30 minutes free time to have a wander around, which was not much time at all as we were on foot and the site is pretty big as you can imagine. We were absolutely wrapped that we were suckers yesterday and did the camel ride, as the sky was so much clearer the day before and we had heaps more time.

After that we headed over to the pyramid named Katherine, which is the middle one of the three main. The three main ones were built for a father, a son and a grandson (being the smaller of the 3). So Katherine was the son's pyramid that we were headed for. We got to go down into the pyramid and see the tomb. We had to crouch down for about 25m where you got to a little room where you could stand up with a little tunnel heading off into another direction but it was blocked by a gate. We continued down a little further, crouching again until we reached the tomb. The tomb was completely emplty apart from a plain cut out box at one end where the body used to lie. Everything that was originally in there had either been stolen by tomb robbers or was now in Cairo Museum. Although there wasn't much to see down there, it was pretty cool to go down there and see what the tunnel was like. The sweat was abosultely dripping off us while we were down there, it was like a sauna. As we came up to the surface we thought outside in the desert was cool!

Next we went upclose to the syphix, and the building right in front of it where they actually prepared the mummies for the tombs.

After that we headed to the look out point where we got some awesome views of the whole site. I think we did yesterday perfectly as everything we didnt do then, we had done today. Would have been pretty annoyed if that was the only time we spent at the site, so yeh we were wrapped!

We grabbed some lunch and then we were on the truck headed for the western desert. And when I say truck, I mean truck. It's an ex army truck that sits up really high, has no air con but it's much more roomier than the contiki bus and actually feels like we're back packing around abit more. Matt was involved in the first drinking session on the bus. Would you expect anything less???? They have cold beer available in eskis on the truck. Matt is in heaven, although they did run it dry and we are yet to stock up!

Tonight we were to spend the night in the desert. We arrived after dark, so pretty much couldn't see a thing. We were off the truck and out came cookers and tables and all the rest to cook up a feed. They have a pretty good setup! After dinner we all sat around a camp fire looking up at the stars, never seen so many before, smoking a shiska which we shared around (flavoured tabaco smoked out of a massive bong)!

We then made it to our sleeping mats and stared up at the stars for awhile before falling aswell. Saw a few shooting stars aswell.

Monday 15th October

We woke up and it was like "suprise!" we got to see the site of where we had actually stopped at, as it was dark when we had arrived. The views of all the sand dunes with the sun making it's way up over them was amazing. Having gone to bed in the middle of the western desert with the stars and then waking up to that has been one of my highlights I think. Matt thought it was pretty cool aswell.

Out came all the brekkie stuff from under the truck and after eating (and a toilet stop behind the dunes) we were off again.


We travelled to the white desert, but stopped off at a 'mountain' type thing on the way. Turned out it was called crystal mountain and had crystals all over it. Do you have a mountain named after yourself???? Was pretty cool, and we might have accidently stole one of the crystals. Whops. Anyway made it to the white desert which used to be a sea a few million years ago. It's called the white desert coz it literally is white, the coral type bolders that you would find on the bottom of the sea where still there, giving it it's white appearance. There were all stray bits of coral around the place aswell. Was amazing to think that this desert, as dry as could be was one day the ocean.


Instead of spending the night there we pushed to our next stop, Dakhla Oasis to spend the night. At Dakhla there was an ancient mud brick village, they're not sure how old it is (I dunno how you couldn't work it out) but that is egypt for you I guess. Got a little tour of that as it was getting dark and then we headed back to our hotel. Tonight we spent the night on the roof top, again open to the stars.

Tuesday 16th October

We were up at 4:00am this morning. YUCK. And on the truck by 4:30am to try and make it to Luxor before it got too hot. After about 8 hours on the truck and stopping off at a modern art muesum we made it to Luxor by about 2pm. We were all stuffed and in desperate need of a shower. We hung around the hotel and Matt had a little dip in the pool. Smoked another shiska (apple flavoured) and then were in bed by about 11.

Wednesday 17th October

Brings us to today. Yay our travel blog is up to date! Well almost. Feels like we're back at school and we have homework due when we get far behind in our blog.

Anyway I'll let Matt fill you in with the details next entry I'm off to grab a cold drink before I pass out!! We bit hot! Might check on the pig that we are having for dinner. We're staying at a christain site tonight rather that a muslim place, so our truck driver (who looks and acts so much like you Nick it's crazy!) has decided to buy a whole pig for dinner and roast it on a spit. He has been looking after it all day. Pretty funny there's pork out there roasting and we're in egypt!

Will try and put some photos up for the last entries over the next couple of days, this computer is too slow to upload them.

Love yous all

K & M xx

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