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A grand finish to Contiki Amsterdam style!

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Thursday 4th October - Amsterdam

This morning we woke bright and early readyfor our drive into the Netherlands! We headed off around 7:30 and drove pretty well allthe way to Amsterdam only stopping for a quick bite to eat at one of Europe's wonderful Auto Grills. I can't reamember if we have spoken about these Auto Grills but they are pretty much randomly placed buffet restaurant's on the side of the Highways that are a complete rip off! I'm pretty sure the reason why we go there is because if 45 tourists all eat there, then the manager and driver gets their meals for free! Too smart on their behalf. During our trip we have been trying to share a plate due to the fact that its about 10-12 Euro per serving. 25 Euro everyday for lunch is far to much for the quality of food that we receive.

Anyhow, back to the journey. We made our way about 30 minutes from Amsterdam and turned off to go to a Clog and Cheese farm. This was pretty cool and we bought some nice cheese and mustard, but no cloggs cause i'm buggered if i'm walking round in wooden shoes! Once we finished we were given the option of either taking an included bike ride around the area of head directlyinto Amsterdam. Well i'm pretty sure you can guess the answer that the group gave! That and the fact that it was wet and raining but even if the sun was shining i'm pretty sure we would have had the same result.

We arrived at our hostel around 3 (smallest room ever) and decided that it would be a good idea to mail somethings back home. We went to the post office and got that out of the way and then got ourselves ready for the evening ahead of us in town. Our dinner was included tonight which was a buffet in the hostel and it was pretty good actually. We headed in around 6 and took a walk through the red light district which was quite an eye opener. In Melbourne they work on corners, where as in Amsterdam they parade around in windows! Once the walk was completed we were given 1 hour freetime before our evenings entertainment. 1 hour in Amsterdam means Coffee Shop time! After a few giggles we headed back to meet the others and all walked into the heart of the red light district for our Live Sex Show. Now for all you back home, i'm not talking strippers. I am talking you think it we saw it. Amy and Deano, pretty you would have had the same experience. 2 drinks later, and a very educational seminar we wereback on the streets of Amsterdam. We wondered around for a couple of hours then headed back to the hostel for an early start the next morning.

Friday the 5th October - Amsterdam

We managed to crawl out of bed around 9am and get our act together and out the door by 10ish. Problem with a complete free day to yourself is that you have no actual time to be anywhere or to get on the bus! We headed into town via tram (Melbourne is not the only city in the world with trams) and wondered over to Anne Frank's house. I'm sure most of you know of Anne Frank but i'll give a brief run down on her. Anne Frank was a 13 year old Dewish girl who was caught up in the Nazi Scheme during WW2. She, her family, and another family all went into hiding at the top of her fathers factory to try and avoid being taken by the Nazi's. She wrote a diary during the 2 years of their hiding and they were eventually caught and sent off to concentration camp, never to return. The only survivor was her father who found her diary and had it published. To this day this is still one of the most famous pieces of work regarding this era. After that we headed into a coffee shop for some morning tea (Space Cakes) and then wondered over to the sex museum. Was a bit of a laugh but i'm happy we only paid 3 Euros each cause thats about all it was worth. Then we headed to the Heineken museum which was also pretty crap but we got 3 beers each in the price so that made it a little better.


typical day at the coffee shop

This evening we had a river cruise through the city then off to dinner which was for some reason Asian food in Holland??? After dinner we all headed into the night spot of Amsterdam but I think due to the fact everyone had been going for 35 nights we were all pretty well done. We decided to call it a night so we grabbed a couple more muffins (Space Cakes) which were the best by far! Headed back to the hostel and called it an evening around 1am.

Saturday the 6th October - London

We were up nice and early and ready for our final trip back to London. I have nothing really to talk about here as all be done was drive from Amsterdam to Calais (Sorry we had lunch in Belgium) and catch the ferry across the channel to Dover. The White Cliffs again stood above us and we new that we were just about done. We had a couple more hours of driving and we were back to the Royal National Hotel where we began our journey. 10317Kms later, a couple more Kgs heavier and we were back there again! We had no accomodation booked for this night so we managed to do a shifty and get away with a free night. I slept on the floor of someones room and Krystal managed to get a bed by pretending to be another person. This person decided to stay in Amsterdam so Krystal got her bed. Nice work by us cause a free night accomodation in easily a $150 saving. We headed into the bar, had some dinner, some more beers and said our goodbyes to everyone. Hit the floor around 12 and slept right through to the next morning without too many wakes ups from the comfort factor.

Overall the last 37 days of our lives will live with us for ever and the things we saw in the time we had was unbelievable. Now for a few days rest and definetaly a few days off the grog!!

Gone for now, Matt XXOO

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